Ron Roper is a passionate landscape designer with over 35 years experience developing his talents as a designer. But he will be the first to admit that his wife Sandy is the "magic" behind the scenes with her insightful input and ideas from the perspective of a woman.

The design process requires creating solutions to challenges that many property owners may not even recognize. It also requires a will to persevere through the process until it FEELS RIGHT with each element & detail thoughtfully imagined before committing to construction.

Artistic landscape design turns disoriented, disconnected & tired spaces into meditative surroundings that calm & sooth your disrupted spirit after coming home from a busy & chaotic day. We want you to come home and truly admire your home from the minute you enter your driveway until you melt into the chaise lounge on the patio and feel like you have arrived at your own personal luxury retreat.

We design to create continuity between your home, your outdoor living spaces and the entire landscape using key focal points while maintaining function and beauty. 

Ron's first 20 years in the field as a landscape contractor, designing & building residential & commercial landscape projects, gives him a unique perspective as a designer from a builders view. He then closed the construction side of the business to focus on his real passion as a designer.

Ron's goal is to guide, not dictate the homeowners through the process striving to design within a desired budget whether the project is to be DIY or contractor installed, phased over time or one step completion. 

Ron has been recognized and awarded nationally for his pool designs and has been a featured speaker for local landscape exposition events.